When you say you want to be a “good artist,” what do you mean? (Only answer utilizing the comment box below this post.)

(A) Being able to draw exactly what I imagine.
(B) Capable of replicating anything down to the exact detail.
(C) Creating something that virtually everyone thinks is good.

A, B, F, G: I want to have a consistent style that is recognizable as my own

Yay! Existential crisis!

So we just skirt the hallway sides, a phantom and a fly…

Det. Rustin “Rust” Cohle (025)

Here’s Cohle from True Detective. Doesn’t really look like Matthew McConaughey, but whatever, I tried. Gotta get better at likenesses. The rest of him is kinda sketchy and I skipped out on his arm tattoo (mainly because I couldn’t find a good enough reference photo). I will most likely revisit this character at a later date. After only just watching the 6 episodes yesterday and this morning, True Detective has already become one of my favorite shows and I cannot wait for the final two episodes. 

Thanks for looking!

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So ask me anything?

Great. Got “Thong Song” stuck in my head. For. No. Reason. At. All. Ughhhhh….

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While this is by no means complete list (we are getting new members all the time!) here are the shops in our group, meaning that they have at least one female employee! We also have a map, for easier viewing.

8th Dimension Comics & Games Houston, TX

Alter Ego Comics Muncie, IN


Midtown Comics (Downtown) in New York, NY has at least three ladies working there and they’re all very helpful and knowledgable.


Ellen Ripley (002)

"Micro changes in air density, my ass"

Second daily drawing! Ripley from Alien, as suggested by my friend John. Perfect suggestion seeing as how I was already planning on watching Alien sometime soon. Decided to watch the movie while I drew Ripley and I’ve now finished and moved onto Aliens. Expect the Alien Xenomorph sometime soon.

I know this doesn’t look like Sigourney Weaver much, but I did my best to make it look good. Hope you can forgive me for not getting the likeness exactly right.

Hey everyone! Check out my other blog! I drew Ripley today! More art daily!

Hey everyone! Check out my design blog over at http://mdpdesign.tumblr.com/ ! Just posted a couple awesome things and have even more awesomeness in store! Thanks!